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Why choose Personal Training?

A Personal Trainer will ensure that you are getting the very best from every workout, making your time more efficient and fun with variety and progressions.

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It can help with the extra attention, support, confidence, encouragement and guidance needed to achieve your personal goals.

Whether you are a beginner, need motivation and encouragement, a regular exerciser, an advanced exerciser/athlete, or just wanting to extend your body awareness and knowledge, Personal Training is the answer.

Each of my skilled personal trainers are hand selected. Both male and female personal trainers are available with a range of specialist skills and differing areas of expertise.

During consultation we will discuss with you the best coaches for you and your goals.

What it includes:

  • Cardiovascular conditioning

    (key to fat burning and improving the efficiency of the heart and lungs function
    for endurance).

  • Integrated strength training

    (improving all round muscular strength to prevent muscle imbalance).

  • Stretching and flexibility

    (essential for preventing injury, improving posture and motion).

  • Core stability

    (maximise stability from the core).

  • Agility and reactive training

    (improving movement and reaction times to enhance performance).

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The service is designed specifically to meet differing needs and allows you to select one or a combination of service options. By explaining your needs I can then tailor the session to suit your personal goals.

Personalised programmes can focus on any of the following:

  • Lose inches and tone up
  • Weight loss
  • Improve your body shape and posture
  • Strength Training & Conditioning
  • Nutrition, Diet & weight management
  • Increasing confidence & energy levels
  • Increasing motor skills & Improve skill levels
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve health and longevity
  • Developing existing skill levels
  • Developing existing training programmes
  • Assist recovery from injury or illness
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Regular exercise offers a multitude of health benefits, it can protect you from heart disease and strokes, reduce blood pressure, obesity, back problems and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Together we can develop a healthy lifestyle for today and tomorrow.

For more information Get Fit Watford can be contacted via phone or email, alternatively let us call you.

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"Just wanted to share that I am thrilled to be able to button my single breasted jacket whilst off to London on a lunch meeting! Thank you."
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