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How Did You Find Us?



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"I contacted Jody after researching on Google for a personal trainer. My requirement was initially to increase my fitness and reduce my weight, explaining to Jody that I had been recently diagnosed with cancer as well as suffered historically from clinical depression.


Jody came across as extremely professional, and although my health concerns are serious, Jody was not phased by this and worked on a programme ensuring that my oncologist was informed and equally agreed to the personal training.


My Oncologist was more than happy to hear form me that I had appointed a personal trainer.


Jody has been my personal training for most of this year, and I am extremely pleased with the results. My fitness has increased, my health is improving and I no longer require medication for my episodes of depression. Long may this continue.


I find Jody is flexible, professional and very well versed in her profession. I feel assured in the knowledge that Jody has a very clear understanding and knowledge of the complexities of personal fitness training."






"I signed up for five sessions with Jody. As a mum with a toddler I had lost my motivation and she helped me regain it. Thanks Jody youv'e helped me get back on track and drop a couple of dress sizes."
Vicki, Bushey



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