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How Did You Find Us?



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"Giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients will allow your body to be as healthy as possible and work as well as it can" Holford, P., The Optimum Nutrition Bible (1997).


Understanding your diet is essential to your overall wellbeing and performance, eating the right balance at the right time produces optimum nutritional health.



What can good nutrition do for me?



Encourage weight loss and management

Increases energy levels

Increases mental clarity and concentration

Increases IQ

Increases physical performance

Increases quality of sleep

Improves resistance to infections

Protects yourself from disease

Extends healthy lifespan


Nutritional advice is given as part of personal training services, for a more detailed analysis on your diet a Nutritional Consultation is available.

A Nutritional consultation includes:


Consultation and assessment of requirements

Goal setting

Dietary advice and recommendations

Meal diary (for you to keep track of what you are consuming)


Regular exercise helps to promote regular eating and a positive attitude towards a healthier lifestyle, as well as using up calories!


For more information Get Fit Watford can be contacted via phone or email, alternatively let us call you.





"Jody brings energy to each personalised session, with good variety. I have achieved weight loss and have toned my muscles."
Ian 42, Croxley Green



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