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How Did You Find Us?

How Did You Find Us?



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My Qualifications

  • YMCA Personal Trainer Diploma
  • YMCA Advanced Gym Instructor
  • YMCA Circuit Instructor
  • YMCA Pre & Post Pregnancy Specialist
  • YMCA Strength Training & Body Conditioning
  • YMCA Studio Cycling Instructor
  • YMCA Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management
  • PadBox Instructor
  • First Aid

About me…

Get Fit Wa Trainers hold the key to a stronger, longer, fitter way of life.

Over the years I have exercised for my own personal development and progression; from weight-loss to endurance training. I had very little interest in sport or exercise until my early 20’s, when I discovered the power of good nutrition and working out. I lost the extra weight I had been carrying for most of my teens, sculpted and defined muscles I never knew I had and started competing in half marathons and triathlons. After a few years I decided to turn my new obsession in to a career and many years later still love everyday of being a personal trainer.

I approach my training sessions with sound science and maximum contribution, I enjoy applying as much variety in to every session to maximise results. Correct nutrition and a balanced lifestyle is a powerful part of any regime and this is coached continuously.

My own experiences form the basis of my functional approach to fitness and I hope that my experiences will help to inspire you to stay committed to your goals.

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"All I wanted was to be able to eat healthily, loose weight and get into shape, not too much to ask?

With a young child, two dogs and a husband to look after, diets and slimming clubs just didn't work.





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