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How Did You Find Us?

How Did You Find Us?



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Are You Interested In?


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My Qualifications

  • YMCA Personal Trainer Award
  • YMCA Advanced Gym Instructor
  • YMCA Circuit Instructor
  • YMCA Nutrition, Diet & Weight Management
  • YMCA Strength Training & Body Conditioning
  • First Aid

About me…

Fitness and Exercise has always been a big part of my life. My interest started from an early age but really flourished when I joined the British Army at 16.

I became fascinated by the ability to almost mould and change your body and how good and healthy you could feel by doing exercise!

I think my experience in a wide range of different training approaches and my enjoyment for fitness makes a key attribute to being a personal trainer.

I’m able to offer training in all fields including strength training/conditioning, endurance training, general health and fitness and of course weight loss.

For those interested I’m also able to give a military style approach to training for those up for the challenge.

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"I weighed myself today and since I've been working with you and eating better I've lost a little over a stone!!!!! I was so shocked but it's thanks to you so cheers!!"
Belinda 19, Borehamwood



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