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How Did You Find Us?



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Get Fit Watford aims to provide inspirational fitness solutions to men and women of all skill and fitness levels. Your team of skilled and knowledgeable Personal Trainers hold the key to a stronger, longer, fitter way of life.

By offering balanced advice on how to achieve and exceed your goals, they are there to inspire and motivate you every step of the way – your support system dedicated to unlocking your full potential.

With a range of specialist skills and a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensures that you are guaranteed each of your workouts will be varied and personally tailored to your individual needs. Making sure that each workout counts and results are achieved!

After initial consultation, we will develop a personalised programme using a variety of training approaches.

Your programme will focus on your goals and objectives:

  • Weight loss & weight management
  • Lose inches & tone
  • Strength training & body conditioning
  • Specialist advice on lifestyle
  • Nutrition, diet & weight management
  • Increasing confidence & energy levels
  • Increasing motor skills, skill level or rehabilitation
  • Develop existing training programmes
  • Ongoing advice, support & Motivation
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"I signed up for five sessions with Jody. As a mum with a toddler I had lost my motivation and she helped me regain it. Thanks Jody youv'e helped me get back on track and drop a couple of dress sizes."
Vicki, Bushey



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