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How Did You Find Us?



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Get going, get moving, get fit! Unlock your full potential, look and feel great and reach optimum health and vitality. Personal Training can offer you all of this and more. As a skilled and knowledgeable Personal Trainer I hold the key to a stronger, longer, fitter way of life by offering balanced advice on how to achieve and exceed your goals.


Have it your way...


Personal Training that fits in to your lifestyle at home, gym, garden or park. I aim to provide fitness solutions to men and women of all ages, skill or fitness levels.


Make it happen....


You have already taken the first steps to healthier lifestyle and second is to book in for a free consultation during which we will discuss your goals and the best way to achieve them. Consultations are normally carried out at home.


Why choose Personal Training?

A Personal Trainer will ensure that you are getting the very best from every workout, making your time more efficient and fun with variety and progressions.

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It can help with the extra attention, support, confidence, encouragement and guidance needed to achieve your personal goals.

Whether you are a beginner, need motivation and encouragement, a regular exerciser, an advanced exerciser/athlete, or just wanting to extend your body awareness and knowledge, Personal Training is the answer.

Each of my skilled personal trainers are hand selected. Both male and female personal trainers are available with a range of specialist skills and differing areas of expertise.

During consultation we will discuss with you the best coaches for you and your goals.


Not Just for boys...

Using tried and tested boxing training and simple boxing equipment this whole body workout is the perfect opportunity to get total fitness and fun! Simple but powerful pad work and boxing techniques are applied with a variety of training approaches for super workout for the whole body.

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Every runner was once a beginner...

How do I start? Where do I run? What kit do I need? Get some direction...

My Saturday running group meets weekly for anybody who wants to develop their running skills from intermediate runners to complete beginners. Running is a great hobby which offers a host of health benefits as well as being one of the biggest fat burners and best cardiovascular exercises.

Regular running can help improve fitness levels, help you lose weight, improve energy levels and tone up the whole body.

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Jody, Thank you - last night's training was awesome and I felt amazing this morning - everyone at work said that I looked fantastic!!  I had no idea one session could make such a difference.  I'm so looking forward to more! 

Dianne 51 Croxley Green



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