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Every runner was once a beginner...

How do I start? Where do I run? What kit do I need? Get some direction...

My Saturday running group meets weekly for anybody who wants to develop their running skills from intermediate runners to complete beginners. Running is a great hobby which offers a host of health benefits as well as being one of the biggest fat burners and best cardiovascular exercises.

Regular running can help improve fitness levels, help you lose weight, improve energy levels and tone up the whole body.

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How does the group work?

Coached in small groups over 10 weeks, you will learn all you need to know about running from endurance and stamina, tackling hills, speed and reaction work. Along with lots of motivation to keep you inspired to run!

What equipment will I need?

A good pair of running trainers is all you need; make sure they have good support and cushioning. Running shoes are designed to allow your foot to strike the ground properly, reducing the amount of shock that travels up your leg and so will reduce the impact of running on the body. Wear comfortable clothing with plenty of layers if it is cold so that you can take them off as the body warms up.

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I am unfit, will I be able to keep up?

The group is structured so that all fitness levels can work together. The group is relaxed and non-competitive. You will be given plenty of support throughout the class and your fitness levels will improve each week.


Each session will last for 45mins. Groups will be held at Cassiobury Park on Saturday mornings.

A 10 week course costs £70 payable in advance. No refunds are given if you miss any of the classes but you may attend any of the groups with prior arrangement.

The group is designed to be fun and social but also challenging. Although it's always hard to learn new skills and build up fitness levels, it'll be worth the effort. Not only will you have a wonderful sense of achievement, your energy levels and confidence levels will be sky high and you'll feel great!

For more information Get Fit Watford can be contacted via phone or email, alternatively let us call you.





"All I wanted was to be able to eat healthily, loose weight and get into shape, not too much to ask?

With a young child, two dogs and a husband to look after, diets and slimming clubs just didn't work.





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