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Personal Trainer WatfordYou know you should exercise, but some days it's tough to get moving: not enough time, low energy, high stress! Counteract those excuses by discovering what motivates you, and use these strategies to develop and maintain an active lifestyle.


Schedule your workout times in your diary, write them down and decide what you are going to do beforehand. Plan ahead and make sure you have your kit and water ready to go.


Determine an attainable goal such as exercising twice on weekdays, once on weekends. Creating realistic goals will set you up for success. If your goal becomes too easy, you can always design a new one.


Create rewards for achieving your goal. The reward can be a massage, a new workout outfit, a new CD, a session with a personal trainer, or a new piece of sports equipment - whatever you really want.


Partner with a friend, co-worker or Personal Trainer - someone who will support you and your goals without sabotaging them. Alternatively, enter a charity event and send in the entry fee. Whatever your activity - running, biking, walking, swimming - there are hundreds of races offered all over the world. Pick a place you've always wanted to visit.


Change into your workout clothes. Sometimes, it's just a matter of getting dressed that causes the biggest barrier.


Erase the concept that if you can't do at least 30 minutes you're wasting your time. Exercise burns calories, increases energy, and improves your health - even in small doses.


Try a new sport or class. Adding variety, group support and competition can increase your likelihood of exercising.


A Personal Trainer can provide you with support and motivation whilst ensuring that you get the most out of your training session. If you would like more information on how working with a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your goals check out the rest of my website or call me on 07954 410371.


Now that you're enthusiastic again, get moving! Set your goals, make it fun and pat yourself on the back from time to time. Remember, physical activity is for life. Review these tips whenever you feel your motivation sliding.





"During my sessions I enjoy the encouragement Jody gives me and at the end of my sessions I feel I really worked hard. I stay motivated to getting fit and in shape, I am feeling stronger and stronger each session. Having Jody as my Personal Trainer is the best thing I have done in ages. I am seeing positive changes in my body and fitness levels. Thank you Jody!"
Lisa 35, Kings Langley



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